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Research, design, develop and modify aircraft mechanical systems, including mechanical and electromechanical systems ISPS, PSS, wiring diagrams, etc. Develop and modify technical drawings and schematics, following the standards and requirements of different aircraft standard wiring practice manual and wiring diagram manual.

Design and develop various system drawing packages from top-level installation to bottom-level detail drawings, by using 2D simulation software AutoCAD and following ASME Y14.5 standard.

Design and develop reverse-engineering parts and components of different aircraft systems using SolidWorks, with the objective to achieve Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from FAA.

Simulate and modify aircraft cargo handle systems by using SolidWorks; transfer models to Adams View for real-time simulation analysis.

Develop and improve BAe-146 air tanker water system; modify the mechanical system of the tank door opened on the fairing underneath the aircraft.

Design and create 3D models of the aircraft cabin interior, including fuselage skin, frame, stringer, and beams, in order to simulate the actual aircraft environment for new system installation and analysis.

Design and create 3D models for the interior momentum, including overhead bins, galley assembly, closet, partitions, etc.

Develop and improve the existing Boeing 777 cabin interior air conditioning system by analyzing and modifying different air valves of the system and air flow angles based on closed space thermal exchanging.

Repair and modify APU protection box of ATR 42 in order to protect APU from corrosion due to insufficient air flow in the protection box.

Repair damaged/corroded fuselage skin or frame with doubler; calculate reinforcement material strength, and analyze structural strength. Complete a structural substantiation report for the repair to obtain FAA designative engineering representative (DER) 8110-3 approval.

Design and modify existing partitions in aircraft for new use. Analyze the necessary reinforcing strength and design stiffener, intercostal and tie rod in order to install the partitions and to avoid 9G forward load failure.

Analyze strength/stress reaction of aircraft galley by using finite element analysis software Nastran. Provide analysis comparing to the manually calculated result to make sure current galley structure is satisfactory to FAA CFR part 25 requirements.

Analyze water tank of lavatory strength by using finite element method Nastran; make sure the impact of fluid dynamic do not impact the FWD wall of the water tank during the situation where 9G forward load applies.

Minimum Requirement:

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related; and 1 year of experience working as Mechanical Design Engineer.

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to:

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Description coming soon.

Details Coming Soon